Installing the 'Pay with Knoma' button is fairly straightforward:

  • Paste the code below into the <head> of your website.

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" charset="utf-8"/>
  • Paste the code below where you would like the button

    <div id="k-paywith-action" k-provider-id="Knoma Provider ID" k-course-id="Unique Course ID"></div> 

In order to install the code going into the 'body' of your website, you need to locate your unique identifiers:

The [Knoma Provider ID] is a unique identifier (e.g. 0014J00000RUQz5QAH). You can find your Provider ID in the Partner Portal.

The [Unique Course ID] are unique codes (e.g. 1234-ABC) for each individual course. You can find your Unique Course IDs in the Courses area of the Partner Portal.

Watch the videos below on finding your unique identifiers.

Provider ID

Course ID

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