Who is Knoma for?
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...People like you!

Whether you are looking to learn a brand new skill, kick-start a new career or advance your existing one, Knoma is here to help make the course you need more accessible.

We fund people to do things like...

  • Go to a tech bootcamp, like coding bootcamps or data bootcamps

  • Get a university-backed accreditation

  • Learn new skills, like graphics design

  • Enrol on specialist courses, like events management or product design

Lifelong learning is crucial to stay ahead in our changing world. But finding the right course can be tough, and for many of us, funding it can be even tougher. We’re innovating to help people like you find the right course, and then fund it through ethical, compassionate finance.

One day, we want to live in a world where anyone can transform their lives through lifelong learning.

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